Mounted combination: Precea precision air seeder with CombiDisc 3000 compact disc harrow

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The best of both worlds

The perfect combination solution for light to medium soils at forward speeds of up to 15 km/h 

The Precea high-speed precision air seeder ensures very precise seed placement as a result of its new over-pressure separator. The seed is separated individually into each seed row and is introduced into the soil via the propulsion channel. The Precea 3000-A Super is suitable for forward speeds up to 15 km/h and is thus ideal for combination with the CombiDisc 3000 mounted compact disc harrow. 

Coupling of the mounted CombiDisc 3000 compact disc harrow to the Precea precision air seeder via QuickLink

Seedbed preparation and sowing row crops in a single pass

The CombiDisc mounted compact disc harrow serves as the passive soil tillage for a wide range of AMAZONE drill combinations. This allows AMAZONE to offer a passive soil tillage machine for its drill combinations, such as the rotary harrow and the rotary cultivator, alongside its PTO-driven soil tillage ranges. The combination with the Precea-A precision harrow-mounted seed drill is new. 

Ideal for seedbed preparation

Precea 3000-ACC mounted on the CombiDisc 3000

The CombiDisc has a working width of 3 m and is comprised of two rows of discs, one after the other. Each row of discs is comprised of 12 serrated discs, each having a diameter of 410 mm. In each case, two discs are coupled on a single disc arm. The disc arms are carried in rubber spring elements as standard. The disc bearings are maintenance-free, of course.

Working depths of 3 to 8 cm can be achieved. This makes the disc harrow ideal for seedbed preparation on light to medium soil structures. The working depth of the two rows of discs can be adjusted mechanically, or alternatively via a hydraulic cylinder from the tractor cab.

The rapidly-rotating discs provide a very good crumb structure. The genuine working width of 3 m ensures full-area soil tillage in front of the seed drill. Perfect levelling of the seedbed is ensured by adjustable disc carriers in the wheel tracks and at the machine ends.

Precea 3000-ACC Super with CombiDisc 3000

Proper reconsolidation of the soil is provided by a following roller from the wide range of AMAZONE rollers.

The seed drill is quickly and safely attached via the QuickLink quick coupling. The CombiDisc 3000 compact disc harrow is coupled to the tractor via Cat. 2 or Cat. 3 lower link mountings. Simple mounting is supported by the incorporation of a hose rail to facilitate connection of the hydraulic hoses.



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