The new BorderTS boundary spreading system for ZA-TS and ZG-TS fertiliser spreaders

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ZA-TS and ZG-TS fertiliser spreaders:

Spread only where the plants will benefit from the fertiliser applied

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Maximum amount of fertiliser right up to the field boundary

The BorderTS deflector is mounted centrally behind the spreader and can be activated hydraulically

AMAZONE has developed the BorderTS deflector for the ZA-TS mounted spreader and the ZG-TS trailed spreader for even more precise fertilisation up to the field boundary when at those larger working widths. Unlike conventional deflectors, the BorderTS system is integrated into the software of the fertiliser spreader. The new deflector is used in conjunction with the disc-integrated AutoTS border spreading system and has a special baffle construction. 

AMAZONE and border spreading – Precision in perfection

When activated, the BorderTS deflector on the ZA-TS is swivelled into the spread fan from above. The special baffle plate construction and infinitely adjustable guide plate gently guide the granules to the ground.

High-precision boundary spreading has always been an important focus for AMAZONE. It became apparent very early on how much yield potential lies in the field boundary area and that savings on fertiliser could be achieved yet whilst protecting the environment. 

Border spreading systems like the Limiter help farmers to switch between side, border, water course and normal spreading from the comfort of the cab.

The advantage of AutoTS is very evident at larger working widths. A short spreading vane is activated in the disc-integrated border spreading system, so that the fertiliser is accelerated less and therefore is only applied across the required distance. AutoTS enables fertiliser to be spread much more effectively, right to the edge of the field, thereby achieving an additional yield of up to 17 % in this area, compared to conventional border spreading systems.
Both of these border spreading systems work according to the principle of fertilising from the first tramline to the edge of the field. 

To achieve even higher yields at the edge of the field, the new BorderTS deflector can be used in conjunction with AutoTS. BorderTS spreads the fertiliser directly from the edge of the field to the crop. When doing so, the shutter nearest the field boundary is left closed. AMAZONE has specially developed the new BorderTS deflector for the TS spreading systems, which, when used in combination with AutoTS, can achieve excellent results in lateral distribution right to the edge of the field, without applying fertiliser across the border. This enables increased yields of up to 27% on the outer five metres of the field boundary area, in comparison with conventional border spreading systems.

Precision border spreading with the new BorderTS deflector, combined with AutoTS

In addition to the use of the new BorderTS deflector on areas with row crops or a special tramline system, the deflector can be used extremely effectively for the first application in cereals. Here it is always crucial that the full amount of fertiliser is applied exactly at the field boundary without throwing fertiliser beyond it. The growth of plants that have been driven over in the field boundary area is not permanently impaired during that first application.

Illustration of the combined use of BorderTS and AutoTS

  1. Fertiliser is spread from the edge of the field into the crop by the BorderTS deflector, with automatic reduction of the target rate to 50%. The shutter nearest the field boundary is left closed.
  2. AutoTS spreads at 50% from the first tramline across to the boundary side to achieve the target rate across the total field boundary area. Normal spreading to the field side with 100 % of the target rate.
  3. In the subsequent tramlines, normal spreading is resumed with 100% of the target rate to both sides.

All values can be stored in the spreader settings beforehand, so that the appropriate setting parameters are set automatically depending on the application situation.

Baffle plate construction and software integration

At large working widths, the fertiliser must be accelerated considerably more, in order to achieve a good area of overlap with the spread fan of the first tramline. Due to the high energy of the granules, the lateral distribution provided by conventional systems behind the tractor is often unsatisfactory. The BorderTS deflector features a special baffle plate construction and a guide plate, the angle of which can be adjusted. The baffles first remove the energy from the granules, which are then gently guided to the ground by the guide plate. The guide plate is infinitely adjustable for optimal application up to the field boundary. In addition, a sensor detects the working position. When the deflector is in use, the spread rate and the delivery point of the fertiliser onto the spreading disc are automatically adjusted to ensure the best possible lateral distribution in combination with the disc-integrated AutoTS border spreading system. It goes without saying that the application rate can be manually overridden at any time in response to special situations.