Nowości 2022


Super-L3 boom from 39 m to 42 m

Super-L3 boom from 39 m to 42 m - Ultra-robust and smooth boom ride with large working widths.
AMAZONE has designed the Super-L3 boom for high demands and large working widths together with an absolutely smooth boom ride. In doing so, AMAZONE remained true to its usual boom construction philosophy: A clever aircraft wing design makes the construction super-light yet super-stable.


Pantera 4504-HW self-propelled sprayer with Comfort-Pack plus

Pantera 4504-HW self-propelled sprayer with Comfort-Pack plus - Higher and wider with tremendous stability and maximum operating comfort. The Pantera self-propelled sprayer is now available with the new high-clearance chassis, which allows flexible, hydraulic adjustment of both the ground clearance and the track width. Handling is made especially comfortable by Comfort-Pack plus. Instead of operating taps, TwinTerminal 7.0 makes machine operation much easier with its...


Ceus-TX disc & tine- combination cultivator

For the perfect combination - Shallow intensive moving and crumbling as well as deep loosening and mixing. AMAZONE now offers two new models of its rigid trailed Ceus disc & tine combination cultivator in working widths of 3 m and 4 m. The successful combination of discs and tines can therefore also be used on smaller farm sizes and with tractors starting from 150 hp.


C-Mix-Ultra tine system with hydraulic overload safety device

High levels of safety deployment for Cenius trailed cultivator and Ceus disc & tine combination cultivator.
AMAZONE has extended its range of options for its Cenius-2TX trailed cultivator models, in working widths of 4 to 8 m, and the Ceus-2TX trailed disc & tine combination cultivators, which are available in working widths from 4 to 7 m, with the addition of the new C-Mix-Ultra tine.


X-Cutter disc for very shallow soil tillage

Maximum shredding capacity and mixing intensity for the Catros compact disc harrow - AMAZONE has extended the range of tool options for the Catros compact disc harrow with the new X-Cutter disc. This special, wavey profile disc is used for very shallow soil tillage. The new X-Cutter disc has a diameter of 480 mm for a high peripheral speed and performs optimally at working depths from 2 to 8 cm.


KE 02 Rotamix rotary harrow

KE 02 Rotamix rotary harrow - New high-output models in working widths of 3, 4, or 6 m. AMAZONE offers new rotary harrows for high tractor power ratings up to 240 hp with a working width of 3 m and up to 400 hp with a working width of 6 m. The new KE 02, in 3 m, 4 m and 6 m working widths and featuring the innovative Rotamix system, comes into its own when intensively soil crumbling, especially on heavy ground.


IceTiger mounted spreader

IceTiger - bringing more precision to winter road gritting. AMAZONE now offers the IceTiger, an innovative new mounted spreader for the application of salt and brine with the highest precision and which represents a completely new development. The new conveying technology via a belt floor makes the application of salts with different moisture contents possible, even in very small quantities, as well as the application of slip-preventing materials such as grit or sand.


Certified camera system for monitoring cross traffic

Safe and clear driving with the FTender front mounted transfer hopper or FT front tank. AMAZONE offers a solution for the FTender 1600 (without T-Pack F front tyre packer), the FT 1001 and FT 1502 front tanks and the self-contained FT-P 1502 front tank in the shape of the DLG-certified front camera monitor system. This enables safe use in road traffic despite the large dimensions of these front mounted implements.


Autonomous agricultural machinery, precision technologies and Controlled Row Farming

AMAZONE leads the way! The BoniRob as the basis for autonomy at AMAZONE.
For AMAZONEN-WERKE, the topic of autonomous agricultural machinery has been at the forefront ever since the BoniRob project was launched together with the Osnabrück University of Applied Sciences and Robert Bosch GmbH in 2008 (project funded by the Federal Ministry of Food and Agriculture (BMEL)). The BoniRob field robot was a milestone in robotics and way ahead of its time. Many technological and...


Teres 300 mounted reversible plough

A new league of mounted ploughs – higher speeds with minimum wear.
With the Teres 300 mounted reversible plough, AMAZONE is offering a new mounted plough with 4, 5, and 6 shares for tractors having a power rating up to 300 HP. The Teres 300 V, with hydraulic working width adjustment, or the VS with hydraulic working width adjustment and hydraulic stone release system, are equipped with the variable furrow width adjustment as standard.


Cobra-2TX trailed shallow cultivator

The perfect very shallow working system - shredding, cutting, mixing as well as reconsolidation as an option.
The new Cobra 6-stagger shallow cultivator from AMAZONE is characterised by its universal use and will be available in working widths of 6 m and 7 m.


Avant 02 – agregat uprawowo-siewny ze zbiornikiem przednim FTender

Generacja 02 agregatów uprawowo-siewnych Avant składa się ze zbiornika przedniego FTender , maszyny uprawowej nowej generacji i nowych redlic TwinTeC.. AMAZONE oferuje jednak obok podwójnej redlicy talerzowej TwinTeC również jednotalerzową RoTeC. Oferowane są maszyny sztywne o szerokości roboczej 3 m i 4 m oraz składane o szerokości 4 m , 5 m i 6 m.


AMAZONE UX SmartSprayer

Spot Farming at the highest level now in field use.
AMAZONE started practical field trials of the UX 5201 SmartSprayer trailed sprayer with its 36 metre boom during the spring season 2022. The SmartSprayers were deployed over many countries in large agricultural businesses and demonstrated the potential of part-area, specific plant protection.

Schmotzer-Hacktechnik Venterra (1) Schmotzer_DSC08659_d1_210930

SCHMOTZER Venterra 2K hoes

For high performance and high work rates as well as flexible working times - The Venterra 2K hoes combine an unrivalled passage with a maximised lift height of the parallelograms of almost 50 cm, which opens up new possibilities for mechanical weed control, even in very late crop growth stages.

TopCut (2) Werkzeugtraeger_d0_nr_DJI_1091_d1_211005

Project: TopCut tool carrier

Will the stubble cultivating in the future be ultra-shallow?
The challenge: The subject of soil tillage is gaining more and more significance in the purchasing process on farms. The bigger the problems with lack of moisture, chemical resistance and the requirement for reducing the amount of plant protection agents, the more important the correct soil tillage becomes. A particular emphasis is placed on the initial stubble cultivation.


Brona wirnikaowa KE 6002-2 Rotamix

AMAZONE rozszerza paletę produktów nowych bron wirnikowych KE 02 Rotamix o składaną wersję o szerokości 6 m. KE 6002-2 -400 Rotamix jest przeznaczona do ciągników o mocy do 400 KM i charakteryzuje się szczególnie dużą wydajnością i bardzo dobrym rozdrobnieniem gleby.


GPS ScenarioControl z wyróżnieniem FARM MACHINE 2023

Nowe oprogramowanie terminala AMAZONE GPS ScenarioControl do automatyzacji skomplikowanych procesów przełączania otrzymało nagrodę „FARM MACHINE 2023” podczas targów SIMA 2022 w Paryżu. To cenne wyróżnienie z branży maszyn rolniczych jest przyznawane przez międzynarodowe jury złożone z dziennikarzy prasy fachowej. AMAZONE ze swoim GPS ScenarioControl odniósł zwycięstwo w kategorii oprogramowania.

WindControl (3) Mit_WindControl_d1_210922

The wind on your side

AMAZONE WindControl is now available independently of ArgusTwin - The wind is always blowing somewhere in the world and this represents a major challenge in maintaining an even mineral fertiliser spread pattern. According to Prof. Dr. Karl Wild of the University of Applied Sciences, Dresden, the influence of wind on the spread pattern can also be constantly monitored and automatically compensated for by WindControl.


UX 7601 Super and UX 8601 Super trailed sprayers

Maximum output in a most compact and most manoeuvrable form! The completely newly developed UX 7601 Super with an actual volume of 8,000 l and UX 8601 Super with an actual volume of 9.000 l provide maximum tank capacity on one axle. They feature compact overall dimensions with an extremely low centre of gravity for optimum stability and a low weight and high payload.


FT-P 1502 self-contained front tank

FT-P 1502 self-contained front tank - The versatile partner in modern crop production! AMAZONE has developed the FT-P 1502 self-contained front tank based on the successful technology of the UF-02 crop protection sprayers.
The FT-P 1502 front tank is the ideal partner for any application of liquid products. These include hoes with band sprayers, seed drills with liquid fertiliser equipment and many others.


Bezpośrednie zasilanie Directinject

Zasilanie bezpośrednie DirectInject

Sąd konkursowy pod przewodnictwem prof. dr hab. Grzegorza Skrzypczaka przyznał 14 nagród w kategorii „ Maszyny , urządzenia i usługi dla rolnictwa” . Firma AMAZONE została także wyróżniona w tej kategorii Złotym Medalem grupy MPT za nowy system bezpośredniego zasilania DirectInject.

18 lis 2022

Tyrok 400 semi-mounted reversible plough

New flagship in the plough range – higher speed for higher output with minimum wear.
With the Tyrok 400, AMAZONE now launches a completely new semi-mounted reversible plough in a choice of seven, eight, or nine furrows for the 400 HP tractor class. The main features of this plough are its higher output, even under continuous load, perfect quality of work and outstanding robustness. At the same time, the Tyrok offers a high level of comfort thanks to its very simple...


Metoda rozsiewu granicznego Border TS dla rozsiewaczy ZA-TS i ZG-TS

Rozsiewacze ZA-TS i ZG-TS : aplikować nawóz tylko tam , gdzie roślina go wykorzysta. Aby przy dużych szerokościach roboczych móc rozsiewać jeszcze dokładniej nawóz przy granicy , AMAZONE oferuje dla rozsiewaczy zawieszanych ZA-TS i zaczepianych ZG-TS osłonę BorderTS.
Inaczej jak w dotychczasowych rozwiązaniach osłon granicznych , BorderTS jest zintegrowany z oprogramowaniem rozsiewacza.